Monday, 25 November 2013

The Anniversary Festival

What a wonderful festival that we saw on Sunday. After the Lebanese instrumental group played, Natalia came on stage to sing several songs in Greek, lifting the mood and adding to the Festival environment. 

Afterwards Paul Lauer and Malcolm, from Malcolm it Loud both gave speeches about Vassula's new book and her latest art work called "Tender Father". The new art work was displayed for all to see during the festival, even though it was still a bit wet.

Claire Mansour had a lovely surprise for Vassula. Once God asked Vassula to sing but she responded saying that she did not have a voice to sing. So instead she and god wrote lyrics to a song called "Emmanuel's Somg". The surpirse...the song after so many years of being only lyrics now has music and was sung for all present.

Unfortunately Fr. Petar from Medjugorje could not join us during the festival but he did give us a letter to red out to all who came. The letter spoke of unity and conversion...something that touched the hearts of all present.

Finally it was time to hear from Vassula and what a lovely speech it was. Dynamic as always, Vassula spoke about Our Father and how loving he is, followed with what the messages had to say about Unity. Vassula concluded with getting everyone to join in and shout together that we are one, under one God. By the end you could feel that everyone present was truly one.

The festival concluded with a lively Celtic dance and music performance that left everyone clapping and wondering how they could dance and play instruments at the same time.

It was an wonderful Festival that was filmed by Telelumiere NOURSAT and will be aired on their news program over the next few days. At a later date the entire Festival will be shown on NOURSAT so that everyone can enjoy the Festival from home. 

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