Thursday, 21 November 2013

From airport to airport

As we were about to board the plane I noticed that one of the passengers was reading the Heaven is Real book. So when the young lady was about to board the plane Vassula tells me to stop her. One is stop her I said "I see that you are reading Heaven is Real. Would you like to meet the author because she is right here." To say she was excited is putting it lightly. With great joy she had her book signed and informed us that she found out about the book from the four minute interview that aired that morning on WREG TV Channel 3! As soon as she got to the airport she bought and started reading the book.

But it would not be the last we spoke to this young woman. Once we landed in LA Vassula was greeted with warm hugs and bouquets of flowers and it was only when we started to tell the above story that we realised we forgot to do one important thing...tell her of the Festival that would happen that Sunday! Thankfully it did not take long to spot her in the corner charging her phone. Now she will be there Sunday with her friends.


  1. God is awesome! Praise You, bless You, thank You God. Thank you Vassula and thank you everyone for all you are doing in USA for Jesus. God bless you all abundantly. The prayer "Father all merciful" comes to mind and especially the line:"Place Your finger on their heart so that their heart may open and understand Your faithfulness". Look at the joy on this young woman's face! Look at her body language! Look at her 'go-faster' shoes!!!! Jesus You placed Your Finger on her heart. May she bring many others to You so that they too may understand Your faithfulness. Thank You Lord. We love You!

  2. Jag önskar att boken bli översatt till svenska eller spanska så fort som möjligt. Är ivrigt på att läsa den! Jag skulle också vilja åka till Fätima i januari och ha möjlighet att möta Vassula där. Hennes budskap fascinerar mig verkligen/ Kram och lycka till Vassula