Friday, 7 June 2013

Quiet on the set...

Here are on set filming a new program.

The cast was so dynamic. There were several times that we were on the floor laughing at some of the comments that were being said. We will have to wait and see the final project, but it will be worth the wait.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

New Orleans

For the next 24 hours we would be staying in New Orleans for a radio interview with Jeff Crouere  from WGSO radio station. The interview, that you can find on their website,, went really well. So much so that many people from around New Orleans came to the Barnes and Noble books signing that would take place later that day. 

Although the TLIG group in New Orleans is small and there was not a lot of publicity for the signing roughly 25-30 people came to see and hear Vassula speak. One gentleman was in New Orleans with his son and the father wanted to stop by a book store to buy a book he wanted. As they were driving the decided to change the radio station to WGSO. Once they did this they heard Vassula speak and found out that she would be at Barnes and Noble for a book signing. They were enthusiastic with what they heard that they came to the signing and bought a copy of the book.

After the signing and a quick bite to eat we were off to the airport to fly to LA.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Florida Sun

During our short stay in sunny Florida, Vassula did a live interview with Malcolm Out Loud. It was a wonderful interview that you can see by visiting his website at 

What was also special about this trip is that Vassula also managed to tape a new program in front of a live audience. They spoke about the new book, prophecies  and even the up coming pilgrimage. What made it unique is that the audience was able to ask Vassula questions. We'll let you know when and where you can see these episodes.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Thank you for staying at our hotel

While we were checking out of the hotel in New York we met the gentleman who helped us check in. He was such a good person that we gave him a copy of Vassula's Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell. He was so happy to receive this gift that he told us he was a Christian from Ghana and was looking forward to reading his new book. 

Book Expo America

We had a relaxing day yesterday but it was down to business again. One of the reasons we came to New York was to go to the Book Expo American (BEA). Many people were able to come by the book stall to see the book and speak with Vassula. 


#12 on the Huffington Post

Who knew that the Huffington Post is more influential than the New York Times...well at least that is what the PR told us. So we were thrilled when we found out that Heaven is Real but So Is Hell went to #12 on their non-fiction book list!

Greek Day aka Opa Day

It is time for the Greek interview and what a welcoming we received. We traveled to Astoria in New York for the radio and TV interviews and although we started with nice weather it turned into rain by noon. Overall not the perfect conditions for when you are planning to tape a TV interview. Nonetheless a great hit. Both interviewers were moved by Vassula's story. 

I don't read books but I was drawn to Heaven Is Real

Wonderful weather plus Memorial Day Holiday meant that many were eager to come to the Advent Shop book signing. It was a great turnout and many were happy to share their story with us. One woman passed by the store and saw the book through the window, she was so taken aback by the cover that she went and bought the book to read that night. She was so touched by the words written that it brought her to tears. The icing on the cake...she doesn't read books but there was something about Heaven ipIs Real but So Is Hell that she just had to read it. And she"s not the only one.